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 Testimonials for Joseph Alexander

All these testimonials are genuine and taken from my ‘google places’ page.

Joseph ticks all the boxes of being a first-class teacher. He is academically trained, easy to speak to, makes you feel relaxed, builds your confidence and is very patient. I am approaching 61yrs of age, so teaching me can be problematic, but Joseph appreciates difficulty’s which i encounter. He arranges the lessons to suit the individual, which builds my confidence and increases enthusiasm. The rest is up to the individual: practice,practice,practice! Whatever your type of music is Joseph will do his best to accommodate. Best thing i have ever done.

My daughter has rediscovered her enthusiasm in the guitar thanks to her lessons with Joseph. She is developing her skills and her confidence has increased. Joseph is helping her to tackle those chords that she would never have dreamed she was capable of reaching! She looks forward to her weekly lesson and is even happy to practise at home!

Joseph a very skilled instructor. He is patient, understanding and very knowledgeable. His lessons are relaxed and comfortable. With having no musical background I was nervous about starting to play the guitar and was afraid that I would not grasp the material. Joseph assured me that I would be great. As soon as the lesson started I realized that I had nothing to worry about. He was patient, calm and worked with my learning style. He asked me what I was interested in and taught me songs I wanted to play. Until my lessons with Joesph I never had any passion for music, he has broadened horizons and I am excited about music and really enjoying my lessons. He is an amazing teacher and I would recommend him to anyone that currently plays guitar or wants to play guitar

Joe is a very knowledgeable and skilled guitar teacher. The lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere and Joe is very patient. He encourages me to play without hesitation and offers constructive comments on how to improve my playing/writing. Joe is clearly a very skilled teacher and tailors the lesson towards what I want to learn while at the same time introducing different styles and techniques from a wide variety of musical genres to help broaden my horizons as both a player and a listener. I had no musical background when I started lessons and I have never studied any musical theory. Joe has such a good grasp of music that everything is presented to me in ways that I can understand, making for a great lesson filling the time playing the guitar. Cannot recommend his lessons enough.

Joseph makes learning the guitar simple and fun and I really appreciate how he tailors the lessons to meet my personal tastes and goals. He explains things simply, and is clearly very skilled and knowledgeable. He is also patient and has a sense of humour, which with students such as myself who began with virtually no musical knowledge or experience, is essential! I would not hesitate to recommend Joseph to anyone.

Joe managed to get me from clumsy fingered ignorance to “gosh is that Bob Dylan you’re playing there?” in a mere couple of hours. He’s an excellent teacher, very patient and full of good ideas on how to get improve. I’d definitely recommend him!

I am 10 years old and had never played the guitar before. Joe helps me with my positioning of my fingers. I really like the way Joe lets me choose a song that I would like to play and teaches me a new song each lesson.He is really enthusiastic about music which makes me feel really enthusiastic, confident and comfortable. I really look forward to the lessons and enjoy practising at home.

I have been a student of Joseph’s for a couple of months now. As an absolute beginner with simple aspirations, Joseph has brought me on in leaps and bounds (at least to my own perceptions ha). Each lesson is a gradual progression (or faster if you like am sure) with little repetition. Always adding new elements and skills each session to bring you on step by step. If you hit a wall he’s always to hand (or by txt/mail) to get you through it or show you how to break things down into component parts and build again by yourself. He’s incredibly pleasant, patient and always constructive. Would definitely recommend him to anyone interested as either a beginner/progressive or genius…..!

Recommended to Joe by another geriatric wannabe rock god. Never had lessons before so had no idea what to expect, we started at the beginning! Been going for a few weeks now and my missus actually recognised a tune, so progress is being made. Joe has patience and gives lots of encouragement with practice notes at the end of each lesson. If you are stuck between lessons a quick text question is always replied to, in short an excellent teacher who genuinely wants to help.

I started lessons with Joseph only a couple of months ago (after a series of stops and starts with private tutors and at college)and he has given me back the incentive to practice and play. I am possibly not the fasterst learner on the block but enjoy the lessons trememdously and always go home with a new thing to practise on. He is kind and very patient … even with a geriatric fast approaching sixty. Thanks Jo m-c

Within a matter of weeks, Joe has broadened my knowledge of the fret board to such an extent that it has made a massive difference to my playing ability. I leave each lesson with a new “project for the week” and I can honestly say that I have made more progress in a few weeks with Joe than in the previous 5 years trying to teach myself. My progress has been so profound that I now wear sunglasses and a top hat all the time, I speak in a barely audible mumble and only last week I drove my Bedford Rascal into a swimming pool. I start my world tour with death metal shredders Septic Gibbon next month. Thanks Joe.

Have been learning with Joseph for around 3 months now and can’t say a negative thing about the guy he’s a true professional in his work and a great guy, his learning technique is brilliant and has you challenging yourself while playing the stuff you love. He’s always willing to help out of class as well has set me homework when I’m on holiday twice now, answered any queries when I have been stuck and showed me ways to maintain my guitar. Since been with Joe my confidence, personality, progress and passion for music has grown so much that I just literally want to pick up my guitar and play constantly. Thanks for everything mate I shall see you tomorrow!

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