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Guitar lessons are a worthwhile and life-changing investment. Why choose me?

I know there are many different teachers out there and finding the right one is for you or your child is a daunting task. These are the reasons I believe you will benefit most from taking lessons with me.

  • You will progress more quickly with me as your teacher. This means less lessons, more immediate results and less money spent on learning.
  • Get instant feedback about the things you didn’t even know were holding you back. I actively encourage my students to pursue learning outside of lessons, YouTube being a prime example… Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t let you know that a small adjustment to your hand position or posture will make your progress quicker, easier and more enjoyable.
  • Don’t take your child out of academic lessons in school as this is a false economy. The average guitar lesson in a school is 20 minutes long, take off 3 minutes each end for setting up and packing away, 5 minutes for a recap of last weeks work and what do you have left? Young students who come to me after having lessons in school will progress more quickly and have more fun than in a time pressured session at school.
  • I work with all ages - you’re never too old. About 60% of my students are people over 40 who have been playing for years and have plateaued. Often all it takes is for me to notice the small things that are holding back progress and to set some appropriate challenges. 
  • Children love music, it helps brain development and massively accelerates motor skills. It has been proven time and time again that children who learn music at a young age often progress faster in other areas than their peers.
  • Music lessons build self esteem and responsibility in young children and teens. Seeing that their practice makes them get better encourages a sense of ownership of their lives.

Why me and not another teacher?

There is a huge difference between a guitar teacher with the insight, experience, qualifications and flexibility to adapt to your needs and a friend who plays guitar and can show you a couple of things.
  • I have been trained to some of the highest standards in music in the world.
  • This is my full time job and career, not just a way to make a few extra pounds in the evenings.
  • I have vast experience working with adults and children.
  • I have a fully functional teaching /recording studio where lessons take place.
  • I’m safe! I have a full and enhanced CRB check ensuring the safety of your child
  • I’ve seen it before. I can almost guarantee that what you’re struggling with as a guitarist is in my realm of experience. Get the quick, accurate fix!
  • I teach what you want to learn. You’d be surprised how many teacher will only teach you what they think you should like.
  • I’ve been there and done it. Sessions, gigs all around the world, music college. Get the right advice.

All private guitar lessons take place at my home studio in Poynton between Stockport and Macclesfield

If you’re interested in lessons for your child then please note that I have a full and enhanced CRB check gained as a result of teaching guitar in local Cheshire schools.  Parents are of course welcome to accompany their children for private lessons. – I’m always happy to put the kettle on too!

One on one sessions normally last 30 or 60 minutes, you’re welcome to video your lesson and everything covered in each lesson is always written down in either tablature or standard music notation at your request.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch via the contact form below or via 07898 275394 any time.

There is also a FAQ section in the top menu bar.

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Private Guitar Lessons in Stockport and Macclesfield, Cheshire. Call 07898 275 394