Acoustic Body Tight FAQ

What times do you teach?
Lessons can be anytime between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Sunday

Where do you teach?
I teach from my fully functional home studio in Poynton.

What levels of guitar playing do you teach?
I teach all levels of guitar players including complete beginners to extremely advanced players. I teach both Electric and Acoustic up to diploma (post grade 8) level

What can I expect from a lesson?
Part of my job is to work with you to find the best way forward for you as a guitar player. I will explain the lesson to you in clear terms and at your pace. If you don’t understand something then feel happy to have me explain it to you until you do understand. There will be written notes for you to take home to remind you of the lesson. Of course it is important that you have fun too!

If there is a piece of music that I want to play will you be able to help me?
Yes. From strumming chords to playing solos an important part of learning to play guitar comes from being able to play other peoples music.

I have never played a guitar before – what will you help me with?
I will help you through the basics of guitar playing and present you with the information and guidance you need to play. I can also offer advice on how to buy a guitar.

Will I be paying you to play guitar?
No. At points I may need to play to demonstrate a piece or technique that you need to learn or I may play a short piece to inspire you, but you are hiring a teacher and not a performer.

Do I need to read music in order to learn?
It may come as a surprise to you but most guitar players, including the famous ones (even the great Jimi Hendrix), do not know how to read music!

Can anyone of any age learn?
Yes, although as a guide I would suggest that my lessons are appropriate for anyone of least 7 years of age. There is a myth that you can only learn an instrument if you are young – this is not true! It does not matter how old you are when you start to learn.

Will you teach at my house? 

Unfortunately I have too many students to travel to each one individually so I only teach from my home studio.

Can I cancel a lesson once it is booked?
Yes, although if the cancellation is within 24 hours then I will still charge you as I have had to keep the lesson appointment open for you and it is unlikely that I will be able to fill that time with another pupil.
In the unlikely event that I cancel a lesson I will aim to give you at least 24 hours notice.

If you have any further questions then please feel free to email or phone me.

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